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30 Blogs in 30 Days

Shortly after we started getting a handle on our money, I heard Dave Ramsey interview Dan Miller on his radio show. Dan has written a few books, but he’s best known for 48 Days to the Work You Love, which I’ll cover more deeply some time in the near future.

After reading that book, and listening to Dan’s 48days podcast for a few weeks, I decided to join his online community, 48days.net. It’s a great resource for people interested in growing and changing their careers, and you can’t beat the price. (It’s free.)

Recently, a new group there caught my eye: 30 Blogs in 30 Days – November 2010. You can probably guess what it’s about, but just in case:

The main goal of this challenge is to overcome “bloggers block” and come up with drafts for future blog entries. The best way to learn is by doing. Along the way, I hope that we can all share tips and ideas for becoming better bloggers.

Well, I don’t suffer from “blogger’s block” so much as “blogger’s stupid, irrational fears.”  In order to move past that, I’m taking on this challenge. I don’t want to see my first attempt at blogging fall into the disturbingly full dustbin of unfinished projects until I’m ready to replace it with something better. As such, I’m committing to this goal publicly. At least one post a day for the month of November. All those half-written and nascent posts that are just sitting there and mocking me are going to be getting what’s coming to them. By the time I’m done, maybe I’ll have something that resembles a style, or a coherent theme.

If you want, you can keep me accountable. I’m not above getting called out when I don’t do what I say I will. Not every post is going to be long or intentionally thought provoking, but I hope all of them are, at least, interesting.

Well, then. Here we go. Day 1 down, 29 to go.

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  1. Go for it Jonathan! 🙂 If you want I will keep you accountable. I might just take you up on the challenge. 🙂

    Comment by Julia | November 3, 2010

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