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Wednesday Sketch Blog

When I was growing up and became a young man, I spent a lot of my free time drawing. It was a good way for me to pass the time. I took a few art classes as a kid and a couple more in college, but I never really committed myself to it as a skill.

Some time in my mid-twenties, I started drawing less. Real life took over, and I was struggling to eat and pay rent. I got married and started scratching together a career, and apart from doodling along the edge of a piece of paper now and then, I’d pretty much stopped drawing entirely. The old drawings got thrown away a few years ago as we were cleaning out our closets. I kept one ragged sketchbook buried in a drawer.

Then something amazing happened. We had a little girl. She bubbles up with unceasing joy, and she loves me beyond my ability to explain. Like all of my children, my life is richer because she is in it.

Also, she’s an artist.

I watch her when she’s creating and painting and drawing and I can see a passion blooming inside her. Proverbs 22:6 reads “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.” There are some who believe that this verse is all about religious indoctrination, but according to my readings it’s really a challenge to parents to discover how God has uniquely gifted your children and to help them excel at those gifts. So, my responsibility as her father is to expose her to other artists and teach her how to grow and succeed with her skills.

A side-effect of all of this is that I’m exposing myself to artists and learning how they succeed at what they do. Their struggles and passion are inspiring me while they’ve also been inspiring my daughter. And all of that is just a really long way around to simply saying: I’ve discovered I miss drawing.

So, I’m taking time out to draw again. This week, I’ve only got a few old sketches from that sketchbook buried in the drawer. By next Wednesday I plan to have something new. Enjoy!

This is from a game of D&D I was running at the time.

I think this was a visual intended for a doorway that
could only be opened by answering a riddle.

I’ve forgotten the name of this character. It’s been over
15 years since I drew these, so no surprise there.

I’m pretty sure I drew this as my interpretation of one
of my friend’s characters. I didn’t just draw fantasy
images, but that’s what I had in the sketchbook.


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