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Links of the Week

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  • NPR’s All Things Considered spent a little time talking this week about the future of Social Security (or the lack thereof). Several members of the blogosphere are excited that they’re finally saying what just about anyone with a basic understanding of math and a passing familiarity with the term ‘Ponzi scheme’ have known for decades.  I’m not going to be that harsh, but I’m also not counting on Social Security to be around to supplement my investments when they think I should be retiring.
  • If the following video doesn’t strike you as familiar, you haven’t watched the news in a long while.

    While I find the video very dry and very funny, it does make a good point about the way television news has become homogenized. On the other hand, the rise of social networks has begun to reform the nature of investigative journalism. Maybe TV news will be just one more casualty of the communication revolution.

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