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A Restful Day 28

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So, what happened to yesterday’s post?

Well, I sat down and started writing something, and after three hours of typing and linking and rewriting and editing, I just wasn’t happy with the result. I kept massaging the message, but it just wasn’t delivering the way I wanted it too. Plus, I’m feeling challenged that I’m making these blog posts too long, so my internal editor was getting more of a workout than he’s used to.

Unfortunately, this far into the challenge, I’m running low on quick filler posts that I can whip out and drop in without a lot of effort. All the previously half written posts have been finished. I haven’t sketched anything lately that I want to share. As late as it was, I decided I would just go to bed.

Sleep is some very good stuff. There is a very good reason why God made taking a Sabbath one of his Commandments. When I got sick earlier in the month, it was directly related to how little rest I was giving myself. I’ve since turned off my alarm clock, and let myself to take as much rest as I need, as opposed to how much I think my schedule can stand.

Yesterday and today, I got a little work around the house done. I did one thing that absolutely needed to get done. I spent three hours writing a post that went nowhere (for now). Mostly though, I’ve slept.

So, what I wrote last night starts the new pile of unfinished posts, which is good to start building again. After I post this, I’m going to write my next book review, which should be up later this evening. Tomorrow, I’ll wrap the 30 Day challenge up.

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