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Quick Hits of the Week

Since I can’t seem to give you a simple list of links without adding my thoughts and comments, I’m renaming this feature to the Quick Hits of the Week. Here we go:

  • In Chicago, an analysis of three years of data found that drug sniffing dogs correctly triggered for automobile searches only 44% of the time. Poor training is cited as the cause. Apparently, police could save a great deal of money by triggering a search on the flip of a coin. “Heads, I have probable cause!”
  • I get asked a lot if I’m coveting my neighbor’s iPad. In a word? No. Between my iPod Touch (aka the iPad Mini), my laptop, and now my Kindle, I find the thought of saving up $500 for yet another electronic toy unappealing. A lot of people thought that the iPad would kill the Kindle, but the Kindle is still kicking strong. Michael Hyatt (CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers) gives us his thoughts on why that’s the case.
  • People in the Virginia DMV need to requisition a sense of humor. They’ve revoked this custom license plate on the grounds that it might be construed to encourage cannibalism or (brace yourself) oral sex. Alright, I can understand some people might be offended, especially if they or someone they loved had been eaten by a cannibal. The sexual connotation is a real stretch, but fine. Either way, you don’t have a right to not ever be offended, and this man should have been allowed to keep the plate he paid for.
  • We own a Honda Odyssey, and with three kids we’re really glad we do. Drives smooth, accelerates well, and turns like a dream. I’ve never, however, thought of it as “sporty.” It turns out that our mini-van of today can kick the butt of the sports-cars of yesteryear, all while playing “Lilo & Stitch” for the kids in the back seat. Pretty awesome, huh?
  • This week at Revolution Church, we’re starting a new series called Give. Me. Faith. It’s going to be an in depth look at faith and the book of James, which should be awesome. This first week is all about why the hard stuff happens in our lives, and why suffering exists. If you are in the Tucson area and want to come join us, we meet at 5:00 pm at 6620 E 22nd St.
  • Finally, the holidays are over. Whew. I don’t know about you, but I think this picture sort of sums up the last couple of months for me: [image removed]

January 7, 2011 - Posted by | Quick Hits and Links

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