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Six Month Update

So, it’s the first of July, and I thought I would write up a quick update on the Resolutions I made at the beginning of the year. Well, quick-ish. I’ll try to keep it under 1000 words.

Pray daily with my family. This is going really well. Just about every night, I take the time to sit down with each of my older children and talk with them about their day. We go over all the good things that happened. When the opportunity comes up, I try to challenge them with the idea that some of the things that were hard and not fun were still good. Then we talk about the things that they want to pray about.

In the last six months, we’ve prayed together for new friends and people who live far away, family members and our sick cat, better behavior and freedom from bad habits. It’s been rewarding for me, and has helped our family grow closer together.

There is room for improvement, though. I’m not always as motivated about this as I should be. Fortunately, the kids really value the time we spend together and come seek me out when I’m not taking the initiative, which is great (and convicting).

Overall, God has really blessed this commitment and I am so thankful for that.

Become a Financial Peace University Coordinator. My wife and I completed Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University in the Spring of this year. It was so totally worth it.

We were among a handful of people in the class who had begun implementing the principles that Ramsey teaches. We were (initially) the only ones to have paid off all of our consumer debt. As a result, we ended up being in a position to be able to share the wisdom we have gained over the last two years. It was a lot of fun, and very rewarding. God really blessed us throughout those thirteen weeks.

And He continues to do so. One of the results of our input and interactions in the class was being asked to lead the class this coming Fall. I’m hesitant to call this a ministry, or a missional calling, or whatever…yet. I only know that I’m happy to be given the chance to serve people in a way that could touch every aspect of their lives.

Read 20 Books. On this, of course, I am rolling right along. Here’s the list for those of you who are interested.

Books completed:

Book(s) in work:

Next book(s) on the stack:

I should get around to reviewing some of these books in the coming months. If there is one that you’d especially like to hear my take on, drop me an email, or leave a comment below.

Lose 20 pounds. Why on earth did I make this commitment again? I hate weight loss goals. I plead temporary insanity.

At the center of this resolution was the need to become more intentional regarding daily exercise, and I have definitely succeeded at that. Starting last January, I joined my wife and kids at their Karate school 2-3 times a week (more when my schedule allows it). I take one or two half hour walks every day at work. I used our Wii Fit board for it’s intended purpose for about 3 months, and then got out of the habit. I should start back up, because it really did improve my balance and flexibility (but it can be such a pushy little jerk, I’m not sure that I want to) .

And I have lost some weight since the beginning of the year. So this isn’t a total loss. I expect to revise the specific number over the next few months, though. We’ll see.

Write 100 blog posts. Thus far, I’ve written…seven. Eight, if you include this one.

Well, crap.

If I took a little time to think about it I could probably come up with a bunch of excuses for why I haven’t posted a thing on this blog for months, but let’s be honest, they wouldn’t be worth much. It’s not like I didn’t have posts I wanted to do, I just didn’t. Suffice to say, it’s past time I got back to writing. There are plenty of topics I feel passion for, or at least have an opinion on, that would benefit from the process of writing them out here.

And by benefit, I mean mine mostly. Forcing myself to sit down and write out my thoughts on a specific subject helps to firm them up and make them tangible. Writing book reviews makes what I’ve learned from the text more concrete. Really, what I’m doing here is for me. You just get to watch (don’t you feel lucky).

So, away I go! (Look, only 912 words. Aren’t I special.)


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