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Tuesday Quick Hits

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  • After ten years, Cory Maye will be released from prison. There are a lot of ways to interpret this story. For me, it’s about a man who acted in defense of his 18 mo. old daughter from what he thought was a violent intruder, and paid an extremely harsh price. Since that intruder turned out to be a police officer serving a warrant on the wrong address, you might see it differently. If you haven’t ever heard of Maye, you can learn more about his case here and here.
  • When I first learned about Cory Maye, I also was introduced to the investigative journalism of Radley Balko, and I am extremely grateful for that. Balko is a tremendous, and award-winning, source of criminal justice and civil liberty reporting on the interwebs, and his work spans ideological and party lines. He has been a biweekly columnist with Fox News, a policy analyst for the Cato Institute, a senior editor for Reason magazine, and now is a senior writer for Huffington Post. It can be argued that without his work, Cory Maye would have remained on death row. If you are not regularly reading his work, you need to be.
  • The ethics of sunscreen. This caught my eye because I burn easily, and I’ve grown to loathe the smell of sunscreen. Skin cancer is no joke, though, so bottles of the stuff are common in our home. I have a lot of respect for Seth Godin, but I have trouble with his ethics questions here. First, that “the regulation of marketing claims is the only way to insulate consumers.” [emphasis added] I would disagree. Readily available information and educated consumers are a far more effective insulation than layer after layer of regulation, no matter how “obvious” or “clear and well-defined” they have been crafted (a herculean task in and of itself).

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