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Quick Hits of the Week

  • Speaking of change, education has been taking a beating lately. See, the current model that American schools use to educate children has its roots in our Industrial Age, when universal education was implemented. The problem is that the overall structure hasn’t changed much, but we’re in the Information Age now. So, Seth Godin wants to know if we’re going to continue to applaud schools that churn out mediocre factory workers? Rethan Salam reports about how some are working to prepare children for life in this era, by embracing the novel ideas of more personal responsibility, and that everyone has something to teach. While over at Khan Academy, they’re actually doing something amazing and innovative in education. The only way the next decade doesn’t result in an amazing change in education is if we’re scared out of it.
  • Another area where change has been slowly creeping up on the world is the War on Drugs. I’ve read some about Richard Branson recently, and I am impressed with his sense of vision and his love for innovation. So, it was no surprise to me when he wrote that it was time to end the international war on drugs.
  • An area where our drug war has been a massive failure is how it has turned our everyday policemen into pseudo-soldiers. Head over and take this quiz that Radley Balko put together, see if you can tell the difference: Cop or Soldier?
  • While you’re playing guessing games, try your hand at this one: Professor or Hobo? I think this puts a nice bow on today’s Quick Hits. Come back and tell me how you did.

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