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No Time To Be Sick

So, just in case you are one of the five people who regularly read this blog that I have not seen or spoken to since last Monday, allow me to apologize for going missing for a week without an explanation. Here’s what happened:

Late last Sunday afternoon, a legion of vile sickness fell upon my house in force. My family battled against it on and off throughout the week, and have only just been able to rout its final few foot soldiers within the last couple of days.

My oldest daughter was the first to fall. A stomach virus quickly struck her down and then turned its wicked glare upon my only son. By midnight, all of the children’s bedding was in the laundry room, stinking and stained. My wife assembled what loose blankets we had left to cover the children, then she and I tried to settle down for what little sleep we could reclaim.

Little did we know that the initial siege wasn’t done. At the crack of dawn, the stomach virus reappeared to claim its third victim.

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Fortunately, I had done battle with its kind many times before, so I was able to minimize the collateral damage as it inevitably crushed my defenses. I emerged from that first scuffle thoroughly drained. Experience told me that the worst was over, but that victory would only be assured through sacrifice.

I tossed my schedule out, called into work, and slept. The post I had half written would have to remain incomplete. I contemplated posting it late, but deep in my heart I knew that the rest I needed would take more than one day. I cut everything that could be cut, and gave myself the week to recover.

I would love to be able to go and go and go, filling every spare moment with productive and helpful activities, but every so often I need a reminder that I can’t do it all. Something that will clarify the need to budget my time, just like I do my money.  That I need tell myself ‘no’ to the good things that will keep me from being free to say ‘yes’ to the great things. That if I don’t allow myself time to stop and rest, something will come along that will make me do it.

Something like a stomach virus.

Note: Each of the kids went from stomach troubles to a sore throats, coughs and 100+ degree fevers. Fortunately, I escaped all of that. Today everyone is well, although a few coughs remain.

Question: When an illness knocks you on your butt how do you recover? Do you give any thought to why you got sick in the first place?

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  1. I usually get sick when I have pushed myself too much. I am acutely aware of these things since I have an auto-immune disease, though. It is a delicate balancing act of living and resting.

    Comment by Amy Schulz | April 2, 2012

    • That definitely had a lot to do with it this time, for me. Sunday was very stressful, because of how many activities we were juggling, and I was emotionally drained when the first bout came over my daughter.

      I’m sorry to hear about your disease, Amy. We haven’t had a chance to talk much since I saw you at Phoenix ComiCon a couple of years ago. I’m pretty sure we’re attending again this year, maybe we should try to meet up?

      Comment by Jonathan Bodey | April 2, 2012

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