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Quick Hits of the Week

  • Joseph Sangl wants to remind us that it takes a commitment to make progress. You can’t reap a harvest unless you sow some seed first. Joseph relates this to finances, but I think you can take this as general advice. If you want to make a big difference in any area of your life, it’s going to take a serious investment of your resources, focused intensity, patience, and more than a little faith. Just ask any farmer.
  • So, every state in America requires a license to work as an EMT. To get it you’ll need an average of 33 days of training and spend an average of $85. Every state also requires a license to work as a cosmetologist. That requires an average of 372 days of training and $142. One mans an ambulance in emergency situations, and the other gives manicures. Radical thought: Maybe we should set up fewer hurdles for our hairdressers than we do for our ambulance drivers. At least that’s the argument that’s being made in this recent study by the Institute for Justice. Why is it important? Because heavy licensing falls mostly on industries that would otherwise be an easy entry for low income households, and they reduce competition on the existing businesses that lobby for them. If we want to increase employment opportunities, we should start by removing restrictions to employment. Bonus: My home state, Arizona, is worst ranked overall for licensing.
  • Star Wars propaganda posters. May the fourth was Star Wars day. Caught this link last year, and thought it would be good to share it this time around. Some very clever stuff.
  • I generally don’t mind writing about government practices, especially regarding business or money, but I try very hard to avoid commenting on any specific politician. There are a few that I have respect for, but when it comes to elections I’m decidedly independent and I tend to vote third party or write in “None of the above.” I plan to vote for Gary Johnson for President this year. He impressed me when he was running as a GOP candidate, and the high points from his improvised speech at the Libertarian Party Convention in Las Vegas strike me as the kind of challenges to the lukewarm two party system that we need more and more of in the coming years. If you’re not excited about the major candidates being presented this election cycle, I would still strongly urge you to vote, and to vote for someone else.

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