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Quick Hits of the Week

  • I touched on this briefly at the end of Monday’s post about paying stupid tax, but Seth Godin does a better and more succinct job of explaining why it’s so important to understand the opportunity costs. If we want to be more financially stable as a family, or in business, it will be vital for us to become more aware of the unseen costs of our financial decisions. If I say “yes” to that, what do I have to say “no” to?
  • Over 40 years ago, this country declared a War on Drugs. Over 10 years ago we declared a War on Terror. In both cases, our local law enforcement agencies are some of the primary combatants. It’s no wonder that they have, more and more, taken on a military posture and attitude. Even our small towns are being supplied with equipment that makes it hard to separate the policeman from the soldier. The problem is that, when the SWAT team comes knocking, it puts those of us who don’t wear the uniform into one of two categories: potential threat or acceptable loss. There are almost no hard numbers available to the public, but it’s estimated that a SWAT team raid occurs in the US every 12 minutes. This is a trend that needs to change, and soon.
  • Dan Miller posted a great image to his blog this week. It’s been asked, in manners both genuine and accusatory, why would a God that is loving and present ever allow his creation to suffer? If we had no history where we were broken by our suffering, then the gold of God’s redemption would have no place to go. Through our adversity we become more like him, and thus, more beautiful.

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