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Do One Thing at a Time

Let’s cut to the chase. I’m an experienced software engineer, I’ve been doing it for over a decade now. Once I’ve got a good idea of what I’ll be writing, I can put on the headphones and listen to podcasts, music, whatever and still crank out a large amount of high quality source code. Most of the time.

Some people would call that multitasking. I wouldn’t. I don’t really believe in multitasking. I can listen to that stuff while going for a walk, or eating breakfast, too. That’s not multitasking, either. While designing software takes a lot of thought, writing lines of code doesn’t.

Besides, what happens when I’m typing away at this relatively mindless task, and I hit a snag? I suddenly realize my design missed something, or a re-used piece of code won’t work as planned. What is the first thing I do? I stop the noise. I shut off the distractions and give my brain the room it needs to work on solving the unforeseen problem. I focus.

Here’s the point: Money works the same way.

Money doesn’t really multitask. It can perform automatic mindless tasks every month, but if you have a bunch of financial goals that you’re trying to accomplish, it’s best to focus on them each one at a time.

We don’t want that to be true, though. We want to be able to chip away at a whole bunch of things. We toss nickels and dimes at every thing, instead of dropping dollars on just one. We disperse our intensity and lose our focus. It looks nice and busy, but it’s really just a waste of time. Motion doesn’t always equal progress.

If you really want to see something happen with your money, pick just one goal and do it. Do you want to stockpile some money in the bank? Or pay off a nagging debt? Throw every spare dollar you can at it. Cut out the nonsense expenses and get intense about it.

By giving your money the room to work on your financial goals, you’ll get more of them accomplished. You’ll reach each goal sooner. You’ll see real progress instead of just looking busy.

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