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Crazy Vision

I started reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan this week. It’s not my first book by Chan, I read and reviewed Forgotten God a couple of years ago, so I knew that it would be a challenging and inspiring read. I didn’t expect him to get there while I was still working my way through the Introduction.

I believe He wants us to love others so much that we go to extremes to help them. I believe He wants us to be known for giving—of our time, our money, and our abilities—and to start a movement of “giving” churches. In so doing, we can alleviate the suffering in the world and change the reputation of His bride in America. Some people, even some at my church, have told me flat-out, “You’re crazy.” But I can’t imagine devoting my life to a greater vision.

Francis Chan

That’s a huge vision, a crazy vision, and he expressed it perfectly. I feel that down to my very core.

Almost four years ago, when my wife and I started working our way out of debt, I didn’t know how that one decision was going to change our lives. As I look back on this journey, I am floored by the grace we’ve experienced. Taking control of our finances was the pivotal step towards becoming free to respond to God. We can be more generous, and more available to serve, simply because we don’t have any payments tying us down.

That’s not a life lesson you keep locked down and hidden to yourself. You stand up and shout about it. It’s the reason why I coordinate Financial Peace University classes. It’s the reason why I’ve started doing financial coaching. It’s the reason I’m dreaming of doing more.

“Giving” churches are made up of generous individuals with the vision of serving their world. I want each individual to be able to become more generous. I want each individual to be able to see the possibility of their lives being available to God. I don’t know how many lives can be touched through me, but I can’t imagine devoting my life to a greater vision.

Question: What crazy vision are you devoting your life to?

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  1. That does not sound crazy at all to me!

    Comment by Helenann | September 24, 2012

    • True. I note that using Mesmer units, my vision only rates a crazy value of 1.039 Mesmer. It always comes down to perspective.

      Comment by Jonathan Bodey | September 25, 2012

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