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Quick Hits of the Week

  • It’s important to keep up intensity when you are trying to accomplish a big goal. The problem is that when our intensity starts to fade, it’s not immediately apparent. According to Joseph Sangl, it’s a lot like a ceiling fan. Sangl is a finance guy, so he’s talking about money management, but we can also keep it in mind when we set goals in any area of our life. Don’t let your switch turn off. Momentum will drain away quickly.
  • We used to have cats, but they’ve passed away, and we haven’t agreed on when we’ll be replacing them. It’s inevitable that we will, though. When we do, I’m going to look into building a cabinet like this one. I think it would fit nicely in the laundry room. I’m also hoping that my son will be old enough to handle cleaning duties.
  • It’s a game that I will never force my children to play. It’s unlikely that I will ever own a copy. It’s the horror that is Monopoly. But it wasn’t always Monopoly. At one time it was called the Landlord’s Game, and it was well loved. Take a look at some of the vintage images on this site that shows you what ‘Monopoly’ used to look like, and what the rules used to be.

Is there something valuable or important or cool or funny or weird or awesome out there I missed this week? I can’t hit it all, but you should let me know about it by dropping me a line or sharing it in the comments below! I’d appreciate the heads up.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I wish there had been somebody who would have suggested the enclosed cat box idea when I had a cat. When our last cat (Vinnie T. Hefathead) “went missing” due to a door not being properly secured, I was done with pets that have genetic dispositions that cause entitlement and superiority issues. However, that cat box idea is very cool indeed…but I might go with something more like this http://www.ikeahackers.net/2009/03/flaren-stealth-cat-litter-box.html. I feel it would reduce the amount of “cat sand” flung about inside the containment chamber.

    And now you have my two cents…and a thumbs up in protecting yourself from your cats two (or more) scents!

    Good luck!

    Comment by Wayne | November 1, 2012

    • The cats are a looming threat. I’ve been able to hold them off with the “Our littlest is too young to treat them well” excuse, but we keep visiting people who have cats and she’s been on her best behavior around them. It’s not helping my case.

      Comment by Jonathan Bodey | November 2, 2012

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