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Format Change: A Monkey in Motion

I’ve decided to pursue my passion for all things primate from now on in.
Before you call me a fool, or claim it’s just the time of year, let me explain.

It's true. I am a beautiful monkey.

Ever since Jonathan Coulton introduced me to the truth of what
my day job is, I have felt a deep kinship to my fellow simians.

Denying this has only led me into a secret monkey madness.Madness


At first, I was afraid that I might be judged harshly for my obsession.
But slowly, almost strangely, I felt more and more compelled
to share my passion for primates.

Monkey minds to your mind, monkey thoughts to your thoughts OBEY YOUR MONKEY OVERLORDS

And now I have fully accepted the path I must move forward on.

All monkeys, all the time!

I know I'm excited. Aren't you?

Now, I’m still committed to blogging.
Needless to say, though, my focus is going to change.

I might even get some guest authors.

Future topics will include:

Monkey Romance. Keep it Simian, Stupid.

Getting a gift for your sweetie!

Everyone needs 6 or 7 hugs a day!

Monkey Diet and Exercise. Making the Most of Your  Monkey.

You'd be surprised to learn that monkeys think organic food and the paleo diet is crap. They needs them some soda!And their take on exercise is fairly similar to our own.

Monkey Friendly Home Furnishings.

Peter Jackson's King Kong is especially entertaining

I’ll also be reworking some of my previous content:

The Monkey Story, Revisited

Relating with Monkey

Keep Your Monkey Honest

Know Your Monkey

The Legend of the Monkey and the Merchant

Thou Shall Primate

So, look forward to more fun monkey facts and features from here on in.
I know change can be uncomfortable, but don’t be afraid.
Embrace the monkey. If you don’t, the monkey might embrace you.

Sleep tight, kids.

Happy April 1st, folks. Sorry for the unusual insanity. The regular insanity will resume tomorrow.
[All images via Urkobold, proudly featuring Monkey Tuesday and Sulu Friday since 2007.]

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