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Quick Hits: Saving money online. Doing more with less is stupid. Laser cut paper sculptures.

  • I'm totally copping out and repeating this graphic, don't you knooooow?Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money on the Interwebs, but not everyone has a solid platform to sell from. There are still ways you can benefit from it, though. One of the many financial gurus I read, Joseph Sangl, suggests BigCrumbs.com which offers you an affiliate link whenever you shop online, and shares a cut of their profits with you from whatever you buy. He’s made back hundreds of dollars. If you do a lot of online shopping, you might want to consider how affiliate marketing can help you.
  • Any leader in business wants their employees to be motivated and productive. When a leader allows a poor worker to remain on the job too long, it hurts the performance of everyone on his team, because sanctioned incompetence demoralizes everyone. According to Dan Rockwell, over at Leadership Freak, telling your employees to “do more with less” isn’t any better, because it actually encourages those who are already doing more to do less.

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