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Quick Hits: What got you broke won’t get you free. Money management tips from 1939. Near space exploration.

  • In space, no one can see you post.It takes time, when you’ve first hit the point of being broke, to realize that you can’t keep doing the things you’ve always been doing. You go through much the same process as the five stages of grief. That opening stage of denial can be difficult to overcome, because the bad habits that got you into trouble are so hard to break. People think they only need to change one little thing, and all of their troubles will evaporate. That’s why it’s so important for me to make sure that the person who is asking me for financial coaching is actually open to being coached. I don’t want to be fighting their excuses every time we come together to have them try something new. What got you broke won’t get you free, you’ll have to change.
  • This is a great post covering the finer points of a money management pamphlet that was written in 1939. This was written before there were credit cards. And before the FICO score ruled over everything. And that was less than one hundred years ago. Now, the average American family has a negative net worth. Maybe we need to humbly go to our ancestors and ask for their advice?
  • 50 years of exploring near space, and we’ve barely just scratched the surface. I love that we’ve started reaching out further using unmanned missions, but I hope that we return to the moon in my lifetime.

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