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Quick Hits: Hustle and have goals, not expectations. Not about the platform. Wearable technology.

  • BOOMI’ve dipped my toe into a bit of self-employment in the past. I got hooked up with a partner, provided some start-up capital, created a product, and we were ready to go. Of course, that didn’t work out as well as we hoped, but it gave me the chance to learn a lot about failure. One of the reasons we failed was that we didn’t understand how much hustle was needed to make a business work, so it didn’t happen. Another reason was that we had expectations of success, but we hadn’t set any real goals to get there. You can’t just build it once and expect them to come. You have to keep building it every day.
  • As I continue to pursue my crazy vision, I’d love to see the platform that I share it from grow. I want the opportunity to tell more and more people how good money management frees you up to answer callings, chase dreams, and change the world, and I know I can’t do that sitting in my living room. Honestly, though, I’m scared of recognition, no matter how small, because I’m scared of pride. I don’t want it to be about building a big platform around me. I want it to be about serving people, and serving my God. He doesn’t need me to have a big platform to change the world.

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