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Quick Hits: Being remarkable is hard. I’m no Truther. Weird music is awesome.

  • It's a world of laughter, a world of tears...When organizations grow there’s a temptation to set policies that limit the individual’s ability to make decisions and act outside of their given role. The is pretty common because it’s a way to keep the organization safe from employees who lack the responsibility, loyalty, or competence to be given that much freedom. Unfortunately, it also steals the sense of autonomy a workforce needs to become remarkable, and it leads to most employees to just do their jobs and nothing more. And I say all of that to say this: In an organization as big as Disney’s, it’s fantastic that they still have employees who strive to be remarkable just to save the day for a single young boy. (Now, if they could just get the burger-slingers at Tommorowland to catch that same spirit.)
  • Here’s a useful tidbit of information for the Interwebz: I’m not big into conspiracies. I’m not a Truther. I’m not a Birther. I don’t want to #Occupy anything. I think government has become too big, but I feel that’s more a result of apathy and entropy than dark, hidden forces coordinating it. So, I try to politely avoid engaging conspiracy theorists regarding their obsessions. Sometimes that’s really hard because that’s what they’re all about, and if you don’t agree with them you’re a part of the problem, or even in league the enemy. Still, you’re probably better then that one guy who changed his mind and stop believing the conspiracy. He got death threats.
  • Music is great, but weird music is awesome. For example, my youngest daughter and I love to watch the work of Mike Tompkins. He takes one man a capella to the extreme, covering popular songs by creating all the sounds needed with his “voice and mouth.” Check out his version of We Are Young by fun. and see what I mean. Also, I love good mashups, and no one does it better than DJ Lobsterdust. So, on the same theme, here’s It’s fun to be young at the YMCA.

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