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Quick Hits: No credit score isn’t such a risk. Online predators not so common. The hammock bathtub.

  • If you have children, then the ever-present fear of sexual predators might be a problem for you. We want to protect our children from the pedophile hiding under the bed, or on the street corner, or behind the computer screen. It’s likely, though, that that fear is just a touch exaggerated. For example, a few years ago, a study showed that despite social networks online being populated more and more with kids, most of them still resembled your everyday real world community – “comprised mostly of good people who are there for the right reasons.” Child predators were actually few and far between. Bullying was more of an actual concern. Facts put fears into perspective, which is a good thing, because our fears about our kids are starting to hurt them. Fact: Sex Offender Registries are listing more and more teenage children (and even some pre-pubescent kids) who are haunted for the rest of their lives due to a moment of foolish sexual indiscretion.

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