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Quick Hits: Poverty is different than being broke. Pixar’s rules for stories. Insert pee joke here. Barbie’s anatomy.

  • BOOMI drive through one of the most run-down parts of Tucson almost every day. The obvious poverty is staggering. I pray for churches and the Christians who attend them to stand up and show grace and love to those in our city who desperately need it. It’s part of the reason why I donate to MAN Tucson. There’s a delicate balance to maintain there though, because there are a lot of people who, choice by choice, day after day, have decided that living broke is all they have. Showing them too much grace is enabling them. No one should be comfortable with poverty, especially those who have the ability to pull themselves free.
  • Pixar Studios. Just for The Incredibles alone, I would name them one of the top movie-makers of all time. So, when some of the best story-tellers make a list of their rules for writing stories? You sit up and listen. All of them are great, but I’m especially inspired by numbers 2, 7, 11 and 15. Which ones are your favorites?
  • Look, I’m all for exploring and developing alternative and cleaner forms of energy. Really, I am. Still, doesn’t this take the whole idea just a touch too far? Would you want to carry that battery around in your pocket? Brings a whole new meaning to the words “Energy Drink.”

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