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Wednesday Quick Hits

  • I have never read any of Ayn Rand’s books, and I wasn’t interested in seeing the recent Atlas Shrugged movie. Even so, I found this article by Bishop Edward Little an interesting read. Among his other points, Little makes the claim that “Christianity and Objectivism are utterly incompatible.” Right or wrong, couldn’t you make that claim about any number of ideologies?
  • EEEEE! Sand Worms! Fun fact: I’ve seen all of these films, at least twice. My personal favorite, as an adult, is Tremors. Childhood favorite? Return of the Jedi.
  • Drug use has been decriminalized in Portugal for ten years. How has that turned out? Pretty stinking well. Drug use is down, and addiction rates have fallen. Drug related criminal activity is down as well. Closer to home, the city of Philadelphia has saved two million dollars in the last year alone by not prosecuting marijuana users. So, there is proof that drug decriminalization reduces the number of addicts and costs less. Maybe it’s time we changed how we approach drugs here in the US.
  • What’s that you say? You wish your daughter’s Barbie doll could be more of a bad influence on her? I have just the thing for you. You can thank me later.

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