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Quick Hits of the Week

  • So some researchers at MIT have found that people spend more when they use credit cards. The reasons are debated, but the core question remains: Why do we not like to use cash? Jeanette Pavini thoroughly goes over the topic of why we should have a good relationship with cash, and stop having a bad relationship with credit.
  • I have friends who work in and around local journalism here in Tucson. We’ve talked frequently about the future of news in the information age. Currently most are maintaining (or even expanding) legacy models, and only just trying to take advantage of new media opportunities (and they don’t do it all that well). Internal surveying tells them that the bulk of their viewers want the local stations to cover national news. That seems insane to me, and I doubt that it’s sustainable over the next decade. One route of success I think exists, and Seth Godin agrees with me, is for local news sources to become excellent at their local niche, which would allow them to talk about new things that aren’t being talked about at a national level. I can get information about national and international events from a dozen great sources online, but I can’t get great, thorough, challenging reporting about events and trends in southern Arizona anywhere.
  • Amazing posters. Recent films made with a vintage cast. Check out the Ghostbusters one. Tell me you wouldn’t watch that.
  • If I told you that the world we live in, on average, is a pretty great place to be, would you believe me? Despite fears to the contrary, the data shows that we’re living in one of the least violent times in human history. Steven Pinker runs through it for us over at Reason. Now, that isn’t to say that there isn’t room for improvement, or that the individual data points are always positive, but I’d like to think we could deal with specifics without overblowing the whole. We should avoid being constantly negative about the world we’ve been given to live in, and constantly afraid of the future because…
  • Fear is a sin. It will separate us from God. If you don’t believe me, go read Perry Noble’s list of ten results of fear. Yes, worrying counts.
  • This is awesome. The Federal Trade Commission is encouraging you to get out of debt during this financial crisis. They give some great advice, such as following a budget, prioritizing your expenses, and dealing responsibly with your creditors. And I applaud them for it. Of course, it would be great if government at all levels would follow some of this advice. Didn’t our national leaders recently go over 800 days without passing a budget? That’s more than two years. State governments all over the country are learning how hard it is to prioritize expenses after not doing so for decades. Maybe the FTC could make a web page for them?

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