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Quick Hits: No-contract cell phones. A 3D printer in every home. The hidden closet.

  • That's right. It's a flip phone. Deal with it.My family have been relying on Tracfone as a cheap cell phone solution for a long time, now. We’re not hip or cool enough to need smart phones, tend to use them less than most people, and the prepaid phones Tracfone offers have been a reliable and affordable way to cover our needs. However, we both can see a future where we would be using our phones more, and the desire to upgrade to better phones has been growing steadily over the last year. We don’t want to get tied down paying for more features than we need, though, and I love the freedom of the prepay service. I have no interest in signing a multi-year contract. Fortunately, it seems like a lot of people agree with me, so I have a lot of choices to check out when the time comes. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your cell phone bill, it might be time to explore your options and find something that better fits your budget.
  • With the money you save from your cell phone bill, you might want to consider investing in a 3D printer. This technology is really making a splash in America, and we’ve only just started to understand the impact they will have on how products are manufactured and marketed. What happens when more and more complex items can be printed? Like completed circuit boards, or even food? How about an artificial ear? How much longer would your appliances last when you can just print a replacement part whenever you need it? How much longer would your car last? How long will it be before there’s a 3D printer in every home?
  • This is really well done. Personally, I wouldn’t show the whole internet how to open your hidden closet, but I really appreciate you sharing the process.

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Quick Hits of the Week

  • LaRae Quy guests posts over at Michael Hyatt’s blog, sharing about spies and three ways to find the truth about life’s meaning. Her first point, about life assessment, is a great one that I’ve seen before.  It’s important to identify the areas of our lives where we’ve settled, and recognize that any area that we’re not completely satisfied with isn’t good enough. Her third point, about keeping a journal is also good. It’s part of the reason why I’m forcing myself to write here once a week.
  • Boredom is good for you. It’s a signal that you’re fighting to create. Mark McGuinness reminds us that facing our boredom head on is better than seeking out distractions.
  • I would love to say I’m above politics, but I’m not. There’s always a temptation to get controversial when I write here, because drumming out one of those posts is comparatively easy, and it tends to get more attention. That’s not what I’m trying to do here, though. I’m seeking growth, not division. Thom Rainer shared some really good thoughts regarding this, listing five reasons he avoids negative and controversial posts. I think number four is especially true. So, while I like the added attention, on balance I’d rather stay positive.
  • I’m not a big survivalist. I don’t even like hiking. Driving out among the pine trees and setting up a tent next to a campfire is about at close to “roughing it” as I like to get. The chances of me getting trapped in the wilderness are pretty slim. Should it happen, though, and my cell phone is damaged beyond repair, it’s good to know that I can use what remains as a signal mirror, compass, spear point, and fire starter.

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