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Quick Hits of the Week

  • Have you ever had the joy of working for a micro-manager? I think that most of us have. If you’re stepping into leadership, learning to delegate authority and trust your team is vital.  Take a look at this list of micro-managing habits by Dan Rockwell, and evaluate yourself against it. See anything concerning? Time to make some changes.
  • Last week, our space shuttle program finally came to a close. There are good reasons to mourn the end of this era. We have so  many fond memories. It taught us so much. It’s a lot like attending the funeral of a grandparent whose time was long in coming. Times change, and dynasties end. Rising in it’s place is private innovation and adventurism. I welcome that. So does California, it seems. Maybe Virgin Galactic will get us back to the moon. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Is there something valuable or important or cool or funny or weird or awesome out there I missed this week? I can’t hit it all, but you should let me know about it by dropping me a line or sharing it in the comments below! I’d appreciate the heads up.

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