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Bonus Quick Hits

There were so many things in my Hit File this week, that it couldn’t all fit in just one post. Lucky you!

  • Christians and Churches are known in America for their controversies. I guess that’s fair. Jesus was pretty controversial in his own way. However, Jesus also sought out the lost and welcomed the masses. Over at Stuff Christians Like, Jon Acuff  shows us how one church has put their most welcoming foot forward, and dares us all to follow suit. If that church is as open as their bulletin claims, they must be overwhelmed with opportunities to serve their community. (Side Note: I was given a couple of Acuff’s books while I was in Nashville last week. I’m really looking forward to reading them.)
  • Should it bother me that Cracked has become a go to site for great lists like this one? Seriously, go read it. You really do need to know why drug-sniffing dogs are inaccurate, or how red light cameras can cause fatal accidents. Police officials and bureaucrats tell us that these tactics are good, and help stop crime. Kind of like how banks tell us that debt is a tool and allow us to have what we want right now. The truth is that banks are in the business of selling debt…and what is the next question you should be asking?
  • Tucson is one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the country. We have the El Tour de Tucson every November. Bike lanes everywhere. Even so, there is still a risk when you’re riding around the city. Especially at night. A couple of bike lights just aren’t going to cut it. Here’s a project that should make you safer: DIY LED Handlebars. I’m not suggesting that anyone in particular is needing to do this, mind you, but it might be worth considering if you’re planning to move from Tucson to someplace like California. Just a thought.

Is there something valuable or important or cool or funny or weird or awesome out there I missed this week? I can’t hit it all, but you should let me know about it by dropping me a line or sharing it in the comments below! I’d appreciate the heads up.

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Wednesday Quick Hits

  • I have never read any of Ayn Rand’s books, and I wasn’t interested in seeing the recent Atlas Shrugged movie. Even so, I found this article by Bishop Edward Little an interesting read. Among his other points, Little makes the claim that “Christianity and Objectivism are utterly incompatible.” Right or wrong, couldn’t you make that claim about any number of ideologies?
  • EEEEE! Sand Worms! Fun fact: I’ve seen all of these films, at least twice. My personal favorite, as an adult, is Tremors. Childhood favorite? Return of the Jedi.
  • Drug use has been decriminalized in Portugal for ten years. How has that turned out? Pretty stinking well. Drug use is down, and addiction rates have fallen. Drug related criminal activity is down as well. Closer to home, the city of Philadelphia has saved two million dollars in the last year alone by not prosecuting marijuana users. So, there is proof that drug decriminalization reduces the number of addicts and costs less. Maybe it’s time we changed how we approach drugs here in the US.
  • What’s that you say? You wish your daughter’s Barbie doll could be more of a bad influence on her? I have just the thing for you. You can thank me later.

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Halfway through the 30 Day challenge, and I’ve been sick for three days. My throat is still sore and I’m feeling a bit worn out. I plan on taking a trip to see some kind of physician tomorrow to make sure I don’t have something serious, and maybe to get some drugs to feel better.

No, not those kind of drugs. I don’t do those kinds of drugs.

However, since we’re on the subject, I’ll take this opportunity to reveal something about myself. I support the decriminalization of all recreational drugs, especially marijuana. As a believer in limited government, and, more importantly, as a Christian I feel there is no other position I can take. I understand that’s a somewhat radical stance to just toss out and not offer any additional explanation, but that’s what I’m going to do. For now.

What I will do is offer up this video of Judge Jim Gray. Like me, he once was a firm believer in the War on Drugs, and has since come to see the policy as failed. I hope you find his presentation at the very least thought-provoking.

Congratulations to Arizona for passing Proposition 203. California, better luck in 2012.

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