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Tragedy in Tucson

This will be quick.

The tragic events today in Tucson, where I live, will be in the spotlight of the national and local news programs for the next few weeks, I’m sure. I’m not a news junkie, so you’ll forgive me if I’m not all that interested in the finer points of the shooting. Here’s what I do care about:

Christina Taylor Green has died. She was the young child that was gunned down earlier today during the Arizona shooting incident in which US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot and left in critical condition. [full article here]

Christina was 9 years old. She was just a little older than my oldest child. I can only imagine the horror and trauma her family and friends are going through, and I barely want to do that. Having to bury a young child is one of the most terrible things a family will have to suffer, and to do it because of the actions of some deranged monster is more terrible still.

I don’t know what the results of Congresswoman Gifford’s surgery and recovery will be. I am sure, however, that she would gladly have given her life to have saved the life of that small child. I hope that would be true of any of us. Life is short enough.

To her family, and to all of those suffering loss as a result of today’s tragedy, I offer my prayers and sympathy. I hope that in this time of grieving and hardship, you are able to find peace and solace in those friends and family that gather around to support you.

Now, one more thing and I’m done.

As always, there are some who are even now licking their chops at the opportunity this tragedy gives them, their group or their agenda to advance. Please, don’t join them in using the blood shed as paint for wild strokes with a broad brush. Historically, some of the most poor and rash decisions have been made following that instinct. Take the more difficult road and see each, madman and victims alike, as individuals deserving their own share of justice and mercy. Now is a time for humble grief and love, not anger and bluster.

Thanks for your time.

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