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Phoenix Comicon 2012

Happy Memorial Day to all seven of you. I hope everyone will be enjoying the unofficial start of Summer today. I’ll probably start up the grill later this afternoon. First, though, I wanted to share my family’s adventure from this weekend.

The sand-person was real. The jawa was stuffed.

Who wants a free hug?

Steampunk geeks have the best toys.

Watch out Lego Spidey! You can't break Lego Doc Ock!

Where can you see realistic Star Wars scenery, Predator costumes, cool Steampunk  gear and massive Lego creations all under one roof? What do you mean you don’t know? Can’t you read the title of this post? Seriously. We’re obviously talking about Phoenix Comicon, the “signature pop-culture event of the southwest.” Not a bad way to spend your Memorial Day weekend.

On Memorial Day, we should always take some time remember those that have fallen.

Phoenix Comicon is a great show. A wide variety of things to see and do, for all ages. You can meet celebrities, learn how to build your own astromech droid, see amazing costumes, and speak to comic book authors and artists all in one weekend. Plenty of kid friendly events.  (Best of all, the people-watching is fantastic.)

I've decided that a group of astromech droids are called a beep. Look, a beep of R2 units!

My son spent a lot of his time in the video game room. This was a prototype game he got to try out.

We attended mainly because we wanted my daughter to have the chance to meet some artists. She has a bent towards art, and we’re encouraging her to develop that. Shows like Comicon are awesome for that. It’s also great for taking pictures with people in costumes, so she made time for both.

There's always time to take a picture with a demi-god...

...and a living legend who lives up to the legend...

...but my daughter knows who the real hero is.

This year we made sure that she had a sketchbook with her, and she collected about twenty beautiful sketches from some very talented people. Everyone was very gracious and patient. She loved every minute of it.

Bianca Thompson

Spike (much love for her webcomic)

Lar deSouza. She's a huge fan of his weekly UStream show, and was very excited to meet him. Honestly, meeting him was the top reason we went to the convention.

The best story from the convention for us was when we went to a How To panel on Watercoloring. I figured it would be a great place for me to learn a little more about the supplies my daughter needs, and she’d get some inspiration. Well, it went a little further than that. The panelists were Chris Herndon and Jean Arrow, and both were excellent. Less than ten minutes in, my daughter raises her hand and asks if the audience (read: she) would be able to do any watercoloring during the panel. To their credit, the panelists didn’t even blink, and immediately invited her and another girl up on stage to get some hands-on training while they conducted the panel.

It wasn't the first time I've found myself thinking, "What the hell just happened? How'd she do that?" And it won't be the last.

Huge love to Jean Arrow. Thanks, again, to both you and Chris Herndon for this moment.

The finished work.

We had a great weekend, and we’ll be sure to head back up to Phoenix again next year. Thanks again to all of the volunteers that make it happen. Special thanks to the following artists for taking time with my kids:

Jean Arrow

Spike – Templar, AZ

Chris Herndon

Lar deSouza – Looking for Group (and more)

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