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Becoming Wise

There once was an old man known for his great wisdom and a young man asked him how he became so wise. The old man said, “I have good judgment.” The young man said, “How did you get good judgment?” The old man replied, “I have experience.” Of course the young man asked, “How did you get experience?” The old man answered, “Bad judgment.”

– Dave Ramsey, EntreLeadership

A failure is a project that doesn’t work, an initiative that teaches you something at the same time the outcome doesn’t move you directly closer to your goal.

A mistake is either a failure repeated, doing something for the second time when you should have known better, or a misguided attempt (because of carelessness, selfishness or hubris) that hindsight reminds you is worth avoiding.

Seth Godin

Trying something and failing is fine. It gives you a chance to learn something new, which gives you experience, which leads you to become more wise.

Mistakes are fine, too, but they’re an indication that you didn’t close that loop when you were given the first opportunity.

How much better to get wisdom than gold!
To get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver.

– Proverbs 16:16

What mistake are you making again and again? What do you need to learn from it?

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Quick Hits of the Week

  • Quick, but substantive article about how debts are handled after death, and how banks and credit card companies try to recoup losses through guilt. Some basic rules to remember. 1.) Anything the deceased owned will stand for what they owed. 2.) If you didn’t sign for it, you (generally) don’t have to pay for it. 3.) Some creditors are more interested in getting paid than being human regarding your pain (so don’t do business with them).
  • Last year, the Women’s Funding Network released a study showing juvenile prostitution had risen to epidemic levels in America. USA Today and other major media outlets picked it up and ran with it. Some church leaders held it up as an example of the broken and sinful world we are living in. And… it was crap. The numbers were all guesses, based on browsing online advertisements for prostitutes and counting the ones that were ‘young looking.’ Really.
  • Mark Goldblatt has written a fascinating philosophical piece over at Reason magazine regarding the nature of infinity and how it can speak to the infinite nature of God. This has nothing to do with how Christians should approach the Gospel, but it reminds us how difficult it is for our minds to do anything but get a glimpse of what the word infinite really means (as in ‘God is infinitely powerful), and I’ve always experienced a strange sense of calm when I’ve considered the infinite nature of God.

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