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Putting It Out There – MAN Tucson Radio

See the danger. Be the target. I wrote a few weeks back about not letting perfectionism get in the way of finishing and putting content out where it can do some good. It’s one of my goals for the year, and I want to highlight it when I see others doing it well.

My good friend, Wayne Daley, has a heart for men in the city of Tucson. He’s the founder and president of MAN Tucson Ministries, which supports local churches in reaching their men through men’s ministry teaching resources, conferences, short-term area mission trips and community outreach. It’s a great ministry, and you should seriously consider supporting it as a part of your giving.

Recently, Wayne has had the opportunity to speak  and teach as a leader at his church. In an attempt to improve that skill set, he’s launched MAN Tucson Radio, a weekly live internet broadcast covering the topics of Biblical manhood, male headship, accountability vs. restoration, and commitment. That’s a giant sized leap.

Here’s the thing: Wayne didn’t have to make this effort a public one. There are plenty of ways to improve those skills that doesn’t involve dropping your thoughts and ideas out on the Interwebs for the world to find and hear. What he’s putting out there isn’t perfect. It’s rough in a lot of ways, and he’s saying some controversial things. He’s taking some risks to do this.

But he’s finishing. Every week, he’s going to be putting something out there.

This weekend, if you’re in the Tucson area, MAN Tucson is hosting the Rough Cut Men Movie Experience on Saturday, April 13. This is an unique opportunity, just for men, to delve further into what makes them men. Click the link for more details and to register. It promises to be a great event.

And listen to Wayne put it out there every week, as he continues on his journey to change and grow the men in his community.

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