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Quick Hits: Bankrupt athletes. Deputy behaving badly, part two. White House monsters.

  • Whatcha gonna do?The average NFL player earns over six and a half million dollars over his career. 78% of them go bankrupt within five years of retirement. Other professional athletes suffer similar fates, because the simple truth is that you can’t out earn stupid behavior. A million dollars isn’t as much as you might imagine, and without proper planning it can all slip away. It’s vital to learn the right way to handle money when earning just a little. When that big windfall or great opportunity comes, you’ll know how to properly scale your plan to handle it.
  • Last August I hit a story about Deputy Dominic Fornal and his incredible sense of smell. Fornal was reportedly able to discern that a car contained marijuana while it was traveling 35 mph with the windows up. (You’ll be shocked to learn that he was also wrong about the marijuana. Horribly, tragically wrong…for the car’s owner.) Well, he’s turned up again. This time he decided he needed to pour a bottle of liquor into a woman’s purse and the floorboards of her van as part of his law enforcement duties. He also called his fellow officer a ‘dumb-ass.’ That finally got him investigated by Internal Affairs which caused him to immediately resign. Good riddance, but the odds are high that another agency will soon hire him. How can you stop a bully with a badge, when they’re protected by the system they abuse?
  • If you think our current president is a blood-sucking monster, or you think the previous holder of that office was a mindless monster, then these are the toys for you. Shiver with fear as you come face to face with the Monster from the Watergate Lagoon. Stand in awe at the lumbering form of Lincolnstein. The whole set can be yours for just under $200. Order today!

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Quick Hits of the Week

  • Vaccinating our children protects them from some of the most horrible diseases out there. The autism scare that was manufactured and has continued since 1998 because of a retracted publication by a discredited doctor with the help of a former Playboy model has done us all a disservice. Most recently, there was a minor measles outbreak after the Super Bowl. Two people with the measles visited Super Bowl village. Thousands were exposed. Fourteen new cases confirmed. Thirteen of those had previously declined the necessary vaccine. I admit that there are some risks involved with vaccination, and we should work to reduce those risks, but in the meantime can we keep the massively contagious and/or dangerous diseases, that have been scientifically proven to be preventable, prevented? Please?
  • I’m going to do my best not to write about the latest Presidential race. At all. However, I do have one question for all of the candidates: Have you ever shot a whale with a crossbow? Because, apparently, Vladimir Putin has. Now, I’ll concede these all have the scent of propaganda to them, and an American President would be justifiably pilloried for publishing them. Good thing, too, because the Secret Service would probably frown on a bunch of that stuff.

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