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Quick Hits: Ten questions to answer. Living well on $14K. Yeti hunting rules.

  • Do you know the answer to this question: What are you trying to accomplish and why? It’s really a question about personal vision. Take a few moments and think about it. Try to figure out what you’re reaching for. Then go here and ask yourself the nine other questions you really should know the answer to. By the way, my answer is “to teach everyone who will listen how to prosper with what they’ve been given, so they will have the opportunity to invest in their dreams and give generously to the world.”
  • I always love it when I find out about people who live on incredibly tight budgets. They’re such an inspiration. So, when I found out about a couple who owns their own home, has two cars and feeds a family of four on $14,000 a year (that’s less than $1170  a month) I definitely wanted to know more. There has been a lot of good fortune involved in their story, but Danielle Wagasky performs a herculean effort to keep her family’s home running on her husband’s cost-of-living allowance while he’s going to school. The extremes she goes to are interesting to those of us looking for ways to trim our own budgets. I hope the ad revenue she earns from her website (which includes tips on saving money, frugal living, and thrifty menu plans) allows her family to save up an emergency fund and cut up their emergency credit card. Otherwise, she could always consider scrapping metal for the extra income.

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Quick Hits of the Week

    1. Agree. The church should be engaging the world in a way that is relevant to their lives. Religion and theology shouldn’t get in the way.
    2. Agree. Every church should be striving for improved excellence in their ministry, not accepting less by throwing things together at the last minute or allowing volunteers to serve in areas where they are not gifted. This is a big pet peeve of mine.
    3. Agree. You can’t reach the world if you spend every night at church. The church needs to be equipped and available to serve and minister to those around it.
    4. Eh. The idea that Christians universally support one political party or platform was never really true and has grown less so over the last decade. We each have been formed differently and are moved by different kinds of pain and injustice. We should each follow those ways that God has called us, while finding common ground with each other in the church. (And your decision to not vote doesn’t disqualify you from speaking about this country’s leadership. You should always be free to speak out about your government, and anyone saying otherwise is being embarrassingly stupid.)

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