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Where’s Your Energy Going, and Why It Matters

An organization has only 100 percent of its resources and energies to spend. I have no idea what is meant when a manager says, “Let’s give it 110 percent!” There is a finite amount of energy, and the question is simple: is it directed toward internal, political issues, or toward external, client issues?

In the best companies I’ve worked with (or observed), the ratio is about 10/90. That is, 10 percent of the energy is abraded away internally, but 90 percent of it is directed toward sales, service, retention, market share, and so forth.

Alan Weiss, Million Dollar Coaching

There are times I have to leave the house and socialize with other people. As an introvert, that isn’t my natural state. Occasionally, it happens that I have to engage a group of people that I don’t really know (aka “strangers”), adding a level of emotional awkwardness. If I’m physically uncomfortable on top of that (i.e. my chair is at a weird angle, or personal space is limited, or I have a headache, etc.) where do you think the vast majority of my personal energy is focused?


Obviously, in those circumstances, most of my energy is going to go into coping with the situation. Very little will be reserved for making new acquaintances, smiling, or being friendly. I’ll want to use my wife and kids as a shelter, rather than be aware of how they’re feeling, and I’d be filling my time by checking the clock and eyeing the door.

And that’s just one event in a lifetime filled with thousands upon thousands of various such twists and turns. In each of those moments, I’ll only have a limited amount of resources to fall back on. Each day – each hour – each second only has so much energy to expend. That time I spend at work, or at church, or at home, or volunteering – how will I use it? Where will it be focused?

It’s important to understand that. It really does matter.

See, organizational energy is a byproduct of individual energy. We each contribute a portion of the greater whole when it comes to directing the energy of our places of business, or service, or worship. Whether you’re in a family of five, a church of fifty, or a company of twelve thousand, your focus makes a difference on the internal to external ratio of that organization.

Do an audit of the energy being spent by that sleepy church in the Midwest with a slowly shrinking membership. Are they busy trying to keep the people within the walls happy, or are they zealously focused on serving their neighbors and beyond? How have their members affected their ratio? It might be helpful to do an audit of each of them.

And when we’re criticizing the organizations we’re a part of,  maybe we need to do an audit on ourselves.

Just a thought.

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Quick Hits: Change the questions you’re asking. We need rest. Spiral staircase from a kitchen counter.

  • The cats nestle close to their kittens now. The lambs have laid down with the sheep. You’re cozy and warm in your bed, my dear. Please go the fuck to sleep.You are directly in charge of how content you are. If you’re unhappy with your life, if you’ve been living in the same misery for years, then it’s time to start asking yourself some new questions. And be honest with the answers. Pay close attention to question 3, “When people undermine your dreams, predict your doom, or criticize you, remember, they’re telling you their story, not yours.” Don’t let fear of criticism and rejection stop you.
  • One of the things I’ve been struggling a lot with lately is rest. Things have changed drastically at my day job in the last couple of months and I’ve been fighting through the adjustment while trying to treat the rest of my life with the proper balance. That hasn’t worked out perfectly, I’m afraid. My schedule here has suffered. My sleep has, as well. I even got sick over Memorial Day weekend, which was awesome. That’s happened before, though, and because I’m a bit of an idiot, it will probably happen again. We’re explicitly told to take time to relax and rejuvenate our lives. It’s the point of the Commandment regarding the Sabbath. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work on Sundays, it means we should schedule regular times to rest.

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What is Money?

Almost everyone, even those who aren’t big on church or religion, have heard this verse:

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.

1 Timothy 6:10

Money will never love you back, no matter how much you get.

Although, many times it’s shortened, so it sounds more like this:

Money is the root of all evil.

Now, there is a significant difference between the verse and how it’s paraphrased. Though, with all of the greed, corruption, and cronyism in our society, I can understand how that difference can shrink and become less significant. Watch the news for a while, and money starts to transform into a symbol for evil.

But is it? Is money a symbol of evil?

Possibly, but there are different ways of looking at it. For example:

“Take out a dollar bill and look at it,” he said. “Now pat yourself on the back because you are looking at a certificate of performance. If you did not rob or steal from anyone to obtain that dollar, if you neither defrauded anyone nor persuaded your government to seize it from a fellow citizen and give it to you, then you could only have obtained that dollar in one other way – you must have pleased someone else.” How true those words. Whether you pleased a client, a customer, or your boss, that money is testament to your having pleased another human being. Having money is not shameful; it is a certificate of good performance granted to you by your grateful fellow citizens.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Thou Shall Prosper

So, money’s a certificate of good and not a symbol of evil?

Here’s the problem. Money doesn’t have intentions and it doesn’t take actions. It can’t be generous or greedy. It doesn’t have a mind of it’s own, and can’t be judged innocent or guilty.

Money is a tool. It’s like a hammer. It can be used to create or destroy, but it doesn’t do either until it’s put into the hands of a human being. That person lifts it with intention and swings it into action. They are the ones to be judged.

Some people treat money in such a way that it becomes a symbol of evil. Others treat it as a certificate of good performance. In the both cases, the bills and coins stay the same. It’s the approach that matters.

So, set your approach. What is the most valuable way that you can serve your fellow man? Don’t love wealth. Love people, and allow them to reward you.

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