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Links of the Week

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  • I don’t want to be constantly beating the TSA drum here, but I do like to pass along links that I find insightful and funny as I find them. The Economist would like us all to consider whether or not we’re safer than we think. Over at CATO, Gene Healy wants us to remember that this isn’t just a government problem. It’s a result of unthinking alarmism. Finally, if you have walk through one of those naked scanner machines, you might as well give the bored TSA guy in the other room something to read.
  • If you’re married, or you’re going to be married soon, or you are thinking about becoming married, then you should consider doing this with your spouse. Six seconds really can change your marriage.
  • My Seth Godin link of the week: The Fear of Claim Chowder. I love this post. We shouldn’t fear having opinions and defending them. It’s alright that we’re occasionally wrong. Seth Godin’s blog is one that everyone should be reading.
  • We cut up our credit cards last year. It was a conscious and life changing decision. Others have done the same, but they haven’t all been doing so willingly. Our elected representatives may have had good intentions, but all actions (especially legislation) have unintended consequences. Can I just encourage everyone, once again, to start getting out of debt on your own? Please?
  • Alright, I admit it. I am horrible at remembering names. It’s a really important skill to cultivate and grow. Matt Keller was too, so he learned six tricks to help him remember peoples names. I’m already starting to try these out, and they’re making a difference.

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