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Quick Hits: Tobacco farmers face changes. Balko’s new book. Intercourse to climax.

  • Radley Balko, award-winning criminal justice and civil liberty investigative journalist (and all around bad-ass), is getting ready to release the must-read book on the militarization of police in America this Summer. As part of his push, he’s been posting the sordid details of a different militarized police operation every weekday to his blog (he claims to have over two years worth of material at that rate, with more coming in the time). It’s important to remember that there are no actual officially published numbers regarding these kinds of activities (SWAT raids, etc.) in America. So, until state and local agencies become more transparent, anecdotal evidence and extrapolation are the best we can do. If you want to learn more, check out this interview with Balko regarding the upcoming book.
  • How long is it from Intercourse to Climax? Well, that depends. If you’re a man, you probably take a slight left onto PA-283, and head past Harrisburg on your way to Climax, PA – a quick 4 hours away. However, if you’re a woman, you’ll likely take a left onto N Hills Rd, winding your way through Maryland until you get on the I-95 and eventually arrive in Climax, GA – which is a 15 hour trip. It’s important to keep in mind that women need to leave about 11 hours earlier if both partners want arrive at their destination simultaneously, but you probably knew that already. Next time, we’ll discuss the best routes to Coxsackie from the Meat Packing District in NYC.

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