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Quick Hits of the Week

  • When economic times are tough, the people we elect as leaders should work to encourage enterprise. Every law or rule should be reviewed and the ones that limit entrepreneurial activity should be removed, or at least deferred. The last thing a local government should be doing is adding more legislation and requiring more permits. It happens all too often. We, as the governed, should be very careful in how we allow our leaders to stifle business activity. Those burdens often land hardest on the poorest among us.
  • It’s been said that English “mugs other languages in dark alleys and rifles their pockets for loose vocabulary.” Here are fourteen words that might be next, if they’re not careful.
  • Apparently, adding a calorie count to menu items doesn’t automatically change people’s eating habits. It isn’t a bad thing that people exercise their freedom to live and eat how they choose. See, we’re not truly free unless we’re free to be wrong (and to endure the consequences). However, that doesn’t negate the benefit of more transparency. In this case, it really is in a restaurants’ best interest that their customers be informed about the dishes they’re offered.
  • Speaking of customer service, it appears that some South Carolina lawmakers have forgotten that state agencies are in the business of serving people, too. Honestly, some of our elected leaders will make anything into political fodder for the sake of a headline.

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