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Quick Hits: Ask about their story. Destruction can be creative. Small kayak, big fish.

  • [Insert Alt-Text Here]Even on our worst days, we’ll probably meet and briefly interact with somebody new. In most cases, they’ll be there for just a few moments, a few words and maybe a smile will be exchanged, and then they’ll be gone and forgotten. That’s normal, but it’s also a shame. Right now, sitting in this restaurant with my headphones on, I can see five people who I don’t know. Two of them I’ve spoken to. One took my order, the other handed me my food. I only know one of their names, because I read the tag on their chest (Vivian). But each one of them has a story to tell about their life, and I’ll probably never hear it, unless I ask. Why don’t I ask? Do you? What’s your story?
  • There is a concept in economics called Creative Destruction. Broadly speaking, when a something is destroyed, its resources are free to create something new or make something better. Maybe even several things. For example, when Borders went bankrupt a couple years back, their books, furniture, fixtures and equipment were all sold to other people who put them to use. Their employees all temporarily lost their income, but they had the opportunity to seek other, maybe better, employment. It goes deeper than just business, too. Seth Godin says that a revolution destroys the perfect to enable the impossible. Cory Doctorow says that every act of making begins as an act of unmaking. Think about the areas in the world around you that are showing their wear. The institutions and traditions that aren’t quite hacking it anymore. Think about your personal life. The failures and pain that haunt you and you pray would just go away. What could arise from the ashes of these things if we just. let. them. die?

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