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Quick Hits: Correct your false thinking about money. And life. Also, a chimp chooses porn.

  • Finally, I’m not exactly sure how to hit this. See, Gina the chimp has been given access to a television set. She’s mastered the remote control, and now enjoys watching human pornography every night. The article doesn’t indicate why, but I’m sure there’re are a whole host of theories. And it’s a funny story, which is why I’m putting it here. However, I’m concerned by the use of “addicted” in the article. There’s a tendency to refer to any hard-to-break habit or harmful practice as an addiction, and they’re really not the same thing. Unless the chimpanzee is suffering anxiety, nausea, cold sweats and tremors when denied her favorite smut, then it’s probably not an addiction. Otherwise, I hope Gina finds a nice 12-Step program.

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